Ish is a multi-media Dream Princess living in the Cyber World! Ish the Show began as an independent mockumentary comedy TV series exposing the reality behind the double taps, the memes, and the trends.

Enjoy Ish content across many social media platforms and explore the new Dream Channels NFT collection on OpenSea!
Dream Channels
NFT Collection
Dream Channels is a new NFT Collection featuring Ish. Explore the Dream Channels by tuning into magical Dream Programs. Journey into the Cyber World as you collect every Dream Segment to complete each Dream Program.

Enjoy the evolution of Ish as she manifests across the 9 Dream Channels. A new adventure awaits! We hope you'll join us!


In this short-form comedy series, join Ish, self-proclaimed “Queen of Instagram”, and her squad as they reveal what it takes to rule the social media kingdom. With her stylist and makeup artist, D'Angelo and D'Andre, and her bff, North East, Ish must prove that she's always following the latest trends as she savagely claims her throne. In this mock-reality show, queen of the double taps, Ish, indulges in her glamorous life until her little brother, George, comes to stay.

Full of shade, sass, and selfies, this show is sure to make you lol! Or at least appreciate its satirical take on the world of social media.

Ish Dress Up
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