Welcome to the Dream Channels!

Collect every Dream Segment to complete each Dream Program of the Dream Channels! There are 9 unique Dream Channels with hundreds of entertaining Dream Programs!

Tuning into Dream Segments may or may not invoke magical powers, fill your wallet with multiple dimensions, or bring you eternal bliss!

Each Dream Segment is a hand-made custom piece utilizing 3D modeling, photography, and storytelling. We hope to create a special work of art that not only adds beauty to your wallet, but contributes to a larger narrative that will manifest in an immersive world-exploring experience.

After Dream Program #100 is released, Dream Segment owners or “Dreamers” can unlock access to the Dream Channel Worlds: a virtual land for each Dream Channel in the metaverse. Explore the Dream Channel Worlds to collect treasure, play games, and more!

Dream Segments will be uploaded to OpenSea multiple times a week. Join our Discord for advanced notice of release times. We will do our best to release Dream Segments when the gas prices are lower.


Dream Programs
Explore by Dream Channel...


Each Dream Program consists of approximately 3 to 7 individual Dream Segments.

Collect Dream Segments to then complete Dream Programs.

For Dream Programs #001 to #025:

Dream Segments on Dream Channels 1-8 cost .09 ETH. There will be 18 of each Dream Segment available.

Dream Segments from Dream Channel 9 are ultra-rare. They will cost 0.9 ETH. There will only be 9 of each Dream Segment from Dream Channel 9 available.

After Dream Program #025, Dream Segment prices are subject to change.

There is no finite number of Dream Programs. Dream Programs will continue to be made as long as Dreamers want them.


We want to create a magical experience that continues to grow!

  • 10 Dream Programs Sold: We launch the Dreamers section of the Discord.
  • 25 Dream Programs Sold: We hold a special Dream Channel celebration where 18 free Dream Segments will be airdropped to 18 random Dreamers.
  • 50 Dream Program Sold: We reveal more about the Dream Channel Worlds and opportunities for Dreamers to be involved in its development.
  • 75 Dream Programs Sold: We launch Dream Channels merchandise, with some exclusive products for Dreamers.
  • 95 Dream Programs Sold:  Preview trailer and specs for the Dream Channel Worlds debuts.
  • Dream Program #100 Released: Dream Channel Worlds opens for all the Dreamers.

After the release of the Dream Channel Worlds, a new Roadmap will be created detailing future developments in the Dream Channel Worlds.

Dream Channel Worlds

After Dream Program #100 is released, Dreamers can unlock access to the Dream Channel Worlds: a virtual land for each Dream Channel in the metaverse. Explore the Dream Channel Worlds to collect treasure, play games, and more!

The Concept

Dream Segments will grant access to the Dream Channel World specific to the Dream Channel that the Dream Segment is from. For instance, if you’re a Dreamer with Dream Segments from Dream Channels 1, 3, and 7 you will be granted access to Dream Channel Worlds 1, 3, and 7.

However, by accumulating entire Dream Programs, you can unlock magical rewards specific to each Dream Program owned, even if they’re on the same Dream Channel. For instance, if you’re a Dreamer with 3 Dream Programs on Dream Channel 6 , there will be 3 different treasures to find within the Dream Channel 6 World.

Dream Segments allow for entry and exploration of the world, but entire Dream Programs offer opportunities to accumulate treasure that can be redeemed for rewards.

More info revealed at the 3rd Roadmap activation.


Made by CryptoDaLuna.
A female team of two artists dreaming of building a magical world!

Our combined professional background includes digital arts, photography, programming, and film production. Utilizing Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and Canon products, the mastery of multiple mediums allows us to produce our creative visions independently of conventional corporate structures.

While working independently is artistically rewarding, it's also been difficult to scale due to the massive stronghold of large corporations. We are so excited to now enter the frontier of NFTs and web 3.0! This space offers true freedom for artists and we are very grateful to join a community centered on innovation and creativity!

We've spent many months on the pre-production of Dream Channels and the future Dream Channel Worlds metaverse that will be available to all Dreamers. Our vision creates a very new type of NFT. While it's not the first to grant owners a ticket into the metaverse, it is the only NFT to incorporate 3D animation, storytelling, and photography. Additionally, Dream Channels features a Cyber Princess host, Ish, to accompany you on the Dream Channels journey. This collection offers multiple ways for collectors to artistically represent their own views, opinions, and values as they collect Dream Programs from Dream Channels that resonate with their personal aesthetic and philosophies.


What is a
Dream Program?
There are 9 unique Dream Channels. Each channel has multiple Dream Programs that reflect the Dream Channel's theme.

Each Dream Program consists of 3-7 individual Dream Segments. Collect Dream Segments to complete a Dream Program.

For example, 5 Dream Segments complete Dream Program #001: Dream Segments contain a Dream Program number on the lower right corner. This assures which Dream Program each Dream Segment belongs to.

Dream Programs are both a set of lovely NFT art and a narrative. Decode their meaning, decorate your wallet, and dive into the Dream Channel Worlds!

What is a
Dream Segment?
Dream Segments are the individual NFTs that piece together to complete a Dream Program.

Each Dream Segment contains a magical verse that when assembled with their complementary segments, creates the narrative of its respective Dream Program.

For example, this is Dream Segment 3.
Dream Segment 3 is part of an NFT set that makes up Dream Program #003:

On the corner of each Dream Segment, is its segment number. Use this to order your Dream Segments to interpret your Dream Programs.

Dream Segments can be sweet, smart, snarky, and even silly! How you decipher their meanings is up to you, Dreamer.

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